Windows Autopilot

Zero-touch deployment with Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot, zero-touch deployment

Deploying devices in your organisation was once fairly straightforward with standardised hardware and software for a "one-size-fits-all" approach to providing employees with a device.

Today's workplace, with all the technology and requirements surrounding it, has unfortunately made device deployment a complex, time-consuming and laborious process. More and more mobile and hybrid working users using a variety of devices ranging from tablets, smartphones to laptops and desktops. In addition, the cloud has expanded the traditional network, requiring new policies and controls to properly protect data both inside and outside the organisation.

Configuring devices with the right applications, profiles and security settings for each user places high demands on the often overburdened IT department.

For companies with hundreds or thousands of users, this can result in huge costs and productivity impacts on the IT department and the organisation.

End users experience frustration and annoyance due to delays and failures associated with device deployment and lose productivity. Instead, they want to start using their new devices as soon as possible, easily and without much wasted time.

Autopilot benefits:

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  1. Reduces much of the time your IT department now spends deploying, managing and decommissioning devices

  2. Reduces infrastructure and resources needed to maintain devices

  3. Ensures optimal user experience (XLA) and user satisfaction

  4. Direct delivery by NEG of ready-to-use devices directly to users' homes (zero-touch!)

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Device registration for Microsoft Intune, extra convenient service from NEG!

As part of the turnkey delivery of new devices, NEG registers the devices directly in the Microsoft Intune environment of the customer. This can be done through a hardware ID, serial number, group tag or assigned user. This way, devices are already known and as soon as they come online, the organisation is already connected and the Autopilot rollout can begin.

Device deployment with Windows Autopilot, zero-touch deployment

Using features built into Windows 10 and AutoPilot, along with its deployment services, NEG's zero-touch approach ensures an unprecedentedly smooth, fast and efficient deployment of new devices.

A fundamental element for this zero-touch deployment, Autopilot, resides in Windows 10. Windows Autopilot is a set of technologies that enables Windows 10 devices to be set up, pre-configured, reset, re-deployed and, if necessary, restored. With the help of the zero-touch approach, NEG pre-configures the devices with the right policies, settings and applications are pre-installed, ready to load automatically as soon as the user turns on the device. 

The user can get started right away!
In collaboration with the IT department, NEG sets up the various user profiles (personas) and application configurations depending on their role within the company, their access rights or location. 

Once NEG has configured a device as required, it is delivered directly to the user, without IT intervention. When the user turns on their device and goes online, Windows Autopilot automatically delivers all the policies and settings the user needs. 

Windows 10, Autopilot, Intune and Azure

Windows Autopilot's key features work in conjunction with other Microsoft cloud services to fully automate the deployment and ongoing management of Windows 10 devices. 

Among the most powerful and useful of these services are the bundled services within the Microsoft 365 offering, including Azure Active Directory and the device management service: Microsoft Intune. 

NEG processes all the customer's Windows Autopilot registrations in the organisation's Azure Active Directory tenant domain. This eliminates management by the company's IT department and the need to manually load company images, device drivers and other configuration elements. 

Significant cost savings and efficiency improvements
By using the zero-touch deployment using Windows Autopilot and NEG's Deployment Services, devices are delivered turnkey and an organisation can realise significant operational cost reductions and efficiency gains in device deployments.

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