Circular IT? Here is how to do it!

Get a head start to sustainable and circular IT with smart services and solutions from NEG.

Circular IT? Join us and save CO2 and e-waste

Do you work for an organisation that wants to reduce its carbon footprint and generate less e-waste?

A sustainable lifecycle strategy for devices will make an important contribution to your CSR goals. And this can even be done without compromising IT requirements such as performance, continuity and security.

Buying new laptops, tablets and smartphones has a bigger carbon footprint than you think. Out of the total amount of resources used worldwide, it is staggering to see how much impact the purchase of IT devices (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones) has on our planet.

The environmental impact of a medium or large company with hundreds or thousands of devices for their employees is huge.

NEG believes that by 2025, at least 25% of every organisation’s IT equipment should exist of refurbished devices!

NEG therefore provides numerous circular IT solutions, services and devices to extend the life of IT devices and minimise the environmental impact.

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Circular and sustainable deployment of IT devices

A sustainable lifecycle strategy and circular deployment of devices includes:

Deploying refurbished hardware

By deploying refurbished hardware, we significantly extend the lifespan of laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. In most cases, the use of refurbished hardware does not affect the performance, safety and continuity of the devices.

Through this form of circular IT, we help organisations use our raw materials sustainably and reduce the environmental impact.

Optimal deployment of devices

Do not automatically replace your devices after four years! Replace them only when necessary, when they do not function properly anymore. Special tools are used to measure the utilisation rate of a device. This provides insight into how long a device can still be used.

By only replacing a device based on its technical age instead of its economic age, it can last up to twice as long. This not only makes a big difference in costs, but also in the huge amount of IT waste we all produce.

(Proactive) management

By repairing devices immediately when they break down, they stay in top condition and last longer. Moreover, user satisfaction improves visibly when users do not have to work with a broken or faltering laptop. And the IT department is less burdened with questions and reports.

Proactive management
Special tools are used to monitor numerous critical parts of a device. This can even prevent the failure of a device. By proactively monitoring the devices and replacing parts before they fail at all, users can continue working unhindered. Laptops and PCs also remain usable for longer.

Deployment within the organisation

Every year, 20-30% of users change jobs or positions. Joiners, leavers and changes ensure a lot of dynamics in the deployment of devices.

In practice, these changes cause many devices to break down and remain unused for a long time, either in storage or at home. This is a waste of devices and often a source of data leaks.

NEG can take care of the complete IT logistics, reconfiguration, registration and delivery of all your devices.

Used devices from leavers come back to us and after a process of data deletion, cleaning and reconfiguration, they can be deployed quickly and carefree to another user or joiner in your organisation.

This way, you keep control of your devices while optimising deployment and security.

Deployment outside your own organisation

Do you have surplus IT equipment or is the old equipment no longer usable for your organisation? Then let NEG buy your old business hardware.

We offer an attractive residual value for your old hardware. We collect the old equipment from you, register all assets and carefully remove all data from the data carriers. We also remove any labels, stickers and other characteristics from the devices.

After a thorough inspection, all equipment that is still usable is redeployed and given a second life with a new owner. That is also circular IT!

• Safe and environmentally responsible disposal of no longer usable IT equipment

Does your IT equipment no longer have any use? Then have it disposed of safely and responsibly by a specialist.

Old IT equipment such as laptops, PCs, etc. should always be disposed of safely and responsibly by a specialist. Did you know that it is forbidden to give your (old) IT equipment to an uncertified carrier?

NEG ensures that all data is securely removed from data carriers to minimise the risk of data leaks. You can use the official data removal certificates we issue during audits to prove that you have had the equipment disposed of safely.

Hardware that can no longer be used is reduced to as many reusable raw materials as possible by our processor. As NEG weighs and records all incoming equipment, we provide a CO2 report upon request. This states how much CO2 has been saved and what percentage of the materials can be reused.

Donate the residual value of your old hardware

Both circular and CSR responsible: donate the residual value of your old IT equipment.

You can also safely donate the residual value of your old IT equipment to charity through the ITdonations Foundation. They will collect the equipment from you, ensure safe data disposal and attractive residual value, and donate this to the charity of your choice. This makes CSR really easy!

Invest in circular IT!

Join us and start the movement. Invest in sustainable solutions that extend the lifespan of devices and minimise the impact on our environment.

Our specialists will be happy to tell you how to take the first steps.

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