Hardware buyback

Do you have any old laptops that are no longer being used, monitors that only show black screens or printers that have had their day?

Let NEG IT Solutions buyback your business hardware. As hardware buyers, we arrange for the collection, ensure disposal is carried out securely, and offer to pay you a fair residual value.

What is the value of your old hardware?

We will be happy to work it out for you. Before we buyback your hardware, we'll give you a valuation of it. This service is free of charge and carries no obligation. You know exactly how much you will get from the sale of your IT equipment.

Fill in this form to request a valuation without obligation.

* Our no-obligation valuation request is only available to organisations that wish to safely dispose of at least 10 or more units. Not for private individuals!

The advantages of letting NEG buyback old hardware:

  • High residual value: our extensive network in the market means we always offer a good price
  • 100% secure: you receive an official data removal certificate (Blancco) for all data carriers
  • No hassle: we handle the logistics and the subsequent disposal of the equipment
  • Environmentally friendly: you do your bit for the circular use of IT hardware
  • GDPR compliant: secure data removal and data carrier destruction

How does hardware buyback work?

It is actually quite simple. In a few simple steps, we can help you dispose of your old hardware and you will be offered a fair price for its residual value.

  1. Registration: Complete the form on this page and we will contact you within one working day.
  2. Valuation: We work out the value of your old hardware.
    If you agree, we will arrange a pick-up appointment with you.
  3. Disposal of hardware: We come and collect the hardware, log all assets, wipe the data and deal with the processing of the hardware.
  4. Reports: These list the disposed of equipment, its current status, residual value and data removal certificates.
  5. Payment: Finally, you receive a credit invoice and we transfer the residual value to your account.

Invest in circular IT

If you have your hardware brought back, you will also be investing in circular IT. It is a sustainable way of dealing with your unwanted IT equipment.

Refurbished hardware gives devices that are no longer used a second life. Any hardware that can no longer be used, can be recycled in an eco-friendly way.

veilig hardware verkopen

If you are looking for a buyer of old computers or laptops, or if you wish to dispose of other old hardware securely, then with us, one of the largest used IT hardware buyers, you have come to the right place.

We buy these items of hardware:

  • COMPUTERS: laptop, notebook, tablet, desktop, workstation, thin-client
  • APPLE: iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, monitors
  • MONITORS: TFT, LCD, plasma, projector, monitor arm
  • NETWORK AND SECURITY: modem, router, switch, access point
  • BACKUP: tape drive, tape library, tape robot, drive-to-drive
  • PRINTERS: laser printer, inktjet printer, plotter
  • POS SYSTEMS: cash register system, point-of-sale terminals, etc.
  • SERVERS: server, server rack, mainframe
  • TABLETS: iPad, Samsung, tablet PC, etc.
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS: smartphone, IP telephony, switchboard
  • STORAGE: NAS, SAN, DAS, data-carrying equipment (e.g. hard drive)
Een selectie van onze klanten

Rapid response to peaks and troughs in Endemol's workplace requirements

"Managing stock, unpacking, labeling, preparing and quickly installing on demand, NEG-ITSolutions does it all. We don't get to see a box, don't have to worry about it."

Edwin de Bie
Infrastucture Manager
Endemol Nederland Mediagroep

Fortes Lyceum

NEG helps you decide whether the investment is worth it and whether better/more sustainable options are available. New or refurbished. It’s not just the price; the service, reachability and goodwill factor are also reasons for choosing NEG. They always score very well in all these areas.

So we can definitely recommend NEG, as we can ask them anything.

Michael Ruitenbeek
IT coordinator
Fortes Lyceum

Parnassia Groep

We received the thin clients ready for use, with all the right settings, conveniently repackaged and coded. Even when circumstances meant Parnassia ordered late, the process was scaled up when necessary to speed things up and meet deadlines.

"I’ve been in the business for 20 years but never before have I come across such a level of flexibility.”

Lex de Groot
Technical Project Manager
Parnassia Groep