Device as a Service (DaaS)

Full-service package for all your end-user devices

For a fixed monthly fee, DaaS360 offers everything you need to let your employees excel and take the strain off your IT department.

Why opt for Device as a Service from NEG-IT Solutions?

DaaS360 by NEG-IT Solutions is a unique total solution for the entire lifecycle of all your end-user devices. From inventory and advice to delivery, implementation, break/fix and responsible disposal. DaaS360 even takes all of the administration and communication with your end users off your hands.

The very latest devices, including all services, for a fixed monthly fee. DaaS360 means you have predictable and transparent costs and insight into the whole package via your customer portal.

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What is DaaS360?

What are the benefits of Device as a Service?

Optimum user experience

The right equipment for every task and perfect support.

Reduces the workload

No need to worry, everything is taken care of. We do the work, you are in charge.

Easy entry

The services can also be purchased on a modular basis. A nice step up to DaaS360!

Are you finding joiners, leavers and stock management of IT devices a huge challenge?

Don’t let the stock management, issue and disposal of laptops and PCs hamper your users any more!

DaaS360 from NEG puts your IT department back in full control.

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Full-service package for all your end-user devices!
  1. Advice and consultancy
  2. Customer portal
  3. Inventory
  4. Product choice
  5. Pre-configuration
  6. Schedule
  7. Implementation
  8. Break/fix
  9. Organised disposal
Daas 360 uitleg Advice and consultancy Customer portal Inventory Product choice Pre-configuration Schedule Implementation Break/fix Organised disposal
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Advice and consultancy

Let our specialists help you create the ideal digital workplace for your users. The best results at the lowest cost.

We can help you compile your preferred range of devices and examine what effect the residual value of your current devices will have on the final costs.

Customer portal

The process of requesting, authorising, ordering and registering IT devices is fully automated. No superfluous, manual or error-prone actions. Purchase orders are created automatically. The residual value of the old devices and the new ones being supplied can be seen at a glance.


Each user is asked to run through a brief and clear online process in which an accurate inventory is taken of who is using which hardware. If desired, location data can also be included.

Product choice

In the customer portal and at a time set by you, your users can choose their new device(s) from the preferred product range.

As an option, the users can confirm which devices they are handing back.


We take care of all preparatory jobs such as unpacking, tagging, CMDB registration, deploying the right images/software images, extensions and accessories.


Your users will receive an automated invitation to make an online appointment to replace or extend their device(s). End users always have control over their appointments.


Users can move smoothly to their new workplaces. They can get down to work right away!

Delivery, return and user agreements are immediately logged. Data on old devices is 100% securely wiped.


Repair and replacement service in accordance with the SLA. Minimal disruption to users.

Organised disposal

We dispose of your old devices securely and without any hassle. 100% secure with data removal certificate. Any residual value will be credited to you.

More information

  • User satisfaction survey
  • Reports and insights

User satisfaction survey

To report on the experience and quality of the service, we roll out a satisfaction survey.

The feedback is used to optimise our service for your end users.

This closes the circle. In a later stage the process will be more fluent because of the feedback and improvements we made.

Reports and insights

Every step of the process you will be able to get real time information.

All activities are set digitally, therefore you will always be informed of the exact status of the project. You'll get insights in how long things will take, results of appointments, and how far along the rollout has progressed.

All costs, residual values, schedules, shipping orders, user contracts etc. are continuously and in real time available!

You will have detailed insights in which devices are in use and which devices are in inventory, including serial numbers and user contracts.

Why opt for Device as a Service?

We take care of everything for you

Fixed monthly fee

Optimum user satisfaction

Less workload for the IT department

What do you see as the greatest benefit to outsourcing your entire IT lifecycle management?
Advantages Reduce

Reducing the workload for the IT-department

Advantages Enlower

Reduce and manage purchasing and administration costs

Advantages Predict

Predictable and transparant costs

Advantages Onestop

Convenience of one-stop shopping

Advantages Total

Total IT lifecycle management outsourced to specialist

Workstations migrated
Asset disposals per year
Listed companies in portfolio
Active on 5 continents