Home-Office Pack

New laptops, home or office, delivered ready-to-use and IT-ready!

Home-Office Pack

Hybrid working (working both at home and in the office) has increasingly become daily practice for many employees. A modern and reliable laptop - IT workplace with the right accessories is essential for them to be able to do their work properly and safely both at home and at the office.

With the Home-Office Pack from NEG, new business laptops and accessories are delivered ready-to-use and IT-ready, at home or in the office.

The 8 steps of the Home Office Pack

1. Advice

We start with clear advice and draw up the hardware catalogue together. (often on the basis of personas)

2. Choosing a new laptop and accessories

Via our online self-service portal, users choose their new device(s) and accessories themselves. The employer can determine (based on personas) which models of laptops and accessories users can choose from. After approval, the devices are then ordered.

3. Warehousing

All equipment is stored securely (class 4!) and insured in our central warehouse. We take care of stock management, including issue registration.

4. Pre-configuration

All ordered equipment is unpacked in our service centre and packaging is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Selected components are assembled. Asset tags/CI labels are attached and the correct software image is inserted. If required, Microsoft Intune/Autopilot/WhiteGlove/ Apple DEP/ Samsung Knox is linked to the right employee.

5. Deployment/dispatch

At the agreed time, we ship the device and accessories in special laptop packaging to the user's chosen location. The user agreements are also arranged digitally by NEG.

6. Unpacking and... get started

The users receive the new laptop ready to use and IT-ready at their desired location. Complete with the right software image and asset tag so that they can start working immediately.

7. Return of old equipment

Need to return old equipment? With the optional Return Pack, the user simply returns the old laptop. The return registration is also taken care of digitally.

8. The final step

If the equipment needs to be returned to the leasing company, we arrange this for you. Does it belong to your organisation? Then we can make it ready for use again or give you an interesting residual value in return.

NEG makes sure the data is removed safely and, if required, also removes external features such as stickers. This reduces the risk of data leaks and conflicts with AVG guidelines.

Which Home-Office Pack will you choose?

Home-Office Pack is tailor-made!

Every organisation is unique and therefore the Home-Office Pack can be supplemented with additional services such as:

■On-boarding Support/Start-up assistance

■ Service and delivery management

■ In- and outflow management devices

■ Break-fix handling

■ Swap/Re-deployment of stock

■ IT Kiosk and IT Locker self-services (24/7)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can NEG also provide the hardware such as laptops?

Yes, please do! NEG is a very large business supplier of laptops in the Netherlands.

We work closely with A-brand hardware manufacturers such as HP and Microsoft (Surface). So we can not only supply new business laptops at an attractive price, but also take care of break-fix and warranty handling for you.

Are you looking for refurbished laptops? No problem. NEG specialises in the circular use of IT equipment. We have a large stock of refurbished laptops with 24-month warranty ready to deploy to your users. Also for temporary deployment!

I have desktop PCs now but want to trade them in for laptops.

It looks like hybrid working is becoming a structural part of our daily lives. More and more companies are seeing the advantages of hybrid working. A laptop is an absolute must for this.

With the laptop to desktop trade-in programme, NEG gives you an interesting residual value for your current business desktops when purchasing new or refurbished laptops.
We also give you an attractive residual value for surplus (business) IT equipment! Company data on old desktops and laptops are always securely deleted. If required, the new laptop is delivered to the user's home or office, completely ready for use. Including accessories and peripherals.

Please note: this programme is only for organisations with more than 20 computers to be traded in!

What do we do with the old laptops?

After receiving a new laptop, the user can return the old laptop to in the special return packaging.

Depending on your preferences, there are a number of options:

  • Value recovery. We give you an interesting residual value for your old laptop or computer.

  • Repurposing. Equipment is cleaned and prepared for reuse by a new user.

  • Return to lease company. We collect the used equipment, check it for completeness and remove both data and external features. This prevents unforeseen costs and data leaks.

  • Return delivery to your organisation. We collect the returned devices and deliver them in batches to a location of your choice.

  • Donate computers to charity. You can donate (part of) the residual value to a charity of your choice via ITdonations. ITdonations will collect the equipment, remove the data and donate the residual value on your behalf. This is also a great addition to your CSR policy.

  • Destroying data carriers. Hard disks or other data carriers are securely destroyed with our shredder.

Your data will be securely removed at all times with Blancco's special software. You will receive a certificate for each data carrier.

For whom is the Home-Office Pack interesting?

Organisations are increasingly opting for hybrid working. Users work both at home and in the office. The roll-out of new devices such as laptops often cannot take place (safely) in the office during, for example, a pandemic.

With NEG's Home-Office-Pack, the new laptop is delivered to the end user's home, ready-made.

They can return old equipment to us with the special return box. We collect this equipment in our secure warehouse and remove the data from the old equipment if required.

I am a private individual, can I also use NEG's services?

No. NEG focuses only on organisations and companies. In fact, many of our services are only of interest to organisations with more than 50 workstations.

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New business laptops, home or office, delivered ready-to-use and IT-ready! (only in Dutch)

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