Donate IT

Donate the residual value of you IT equipment to charity!

Is your IT equipment due for replacement? ITdonations will take care of the disposal of all your depreciated IT equipment and donate the residual value to your chosen charity!

How ITdonations works

Your depreciated IT equipment... disposed of and processed 100% safe...
...and the proceeds are donated to your chosen charity.
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1. Intake

We plan an intake meeting over telephone or in-person to go over issues such as procedures, registration, reporting and valuation.

2. Logistics

in accordance with the agreements made, we collect the IT equipment, register all assets, remove the data and take care of further processing of your equipment.

3. Reports and certifications

You receive a report from us in which you can see exactly which equipment has been returned, its status and value. You can use this report for your own administration.

4. Payment to charity

ITdonations takes care of payment to your chosen charity. You receive confirmation of receipt from the charity.

Data security comes first!
100% secure data removal

  • 100% secure data removal with Blancco software.
  • Blancco software is approved by the Dutch AIVD.
  • Data breach procedure.
  • Personal data protection law is applied.
  • Approved by the Dutch Association of Hospitals.
  • Accountability through reporting and certificates.
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The solution for your written-off IT equipment: Donate IT

With the residual value of your surplus IT equipment, we help you support the charity of your choice.
Right To Play

A fruitful partnership has been established with ITdonations. Asics donates its depreciated equipment via ITdonations and the proceeds go to Right To Play. This enables around 200 children to participate in school and sports activities. The partnership with ITdonations complements the existing cooperation between Right To Play and Asics. ITdonations takes care of the disposal, so we don't have to worry about it;

Jim Boerma
IT manager Asics


FrieslandCampina has had all its depreciated equipment removed by the ITdonations foundation. This to our complete satisfaction and the result is impressive: € 59,652.15. This amount was presented to the Dutch Red Cross. FrieslandCampina is a Founding Partner of the Dutch Red Cross. ITdonations handles the disposal of FrieslandCampina's depreciated equipment worldwide. The data is erased 100% securely and a professional final report submitted.

The Red Cross


TomTom has been disposing of all its end-of-life IT equipment via ITdonations since 2011. Fully in line with their CSR policy, TomTom donates the residual value to the YOURS Foundation - Youth for Road Safety, a youth organization for road safety. Using the TomTom donations, YOURS conducted a 'Train the Trainers Program' at the United Nations Campus in Kenya. Not only does the Amsterdam branch have a partnership with ITdonations but all TomTom branches in Europe dispose through ITdonations and donate the residual value.

Yours Foundation