Refurbished hardware

  • Up to 70% cheaper than new nieuwe hardware

  • Reliable top brands such as HP and Apple

  • 24 months standard warranty with each product

  • Fast delivery within 2 week days

Reliable and affordable refurbished IT equipment

We have been supplying refurbished hardware since 1993: low-cost IT equipment from reliable top brands such as Apple, HP, Dell and Lenovo. Our Premium Selection is a quality label that guarantees you five important things:

  • Affordable: up to 70% cheaper than new

  • Quality: always 100% technically sound

  • Reliability: standard 24-month carry-in warranty

  • Up-to-date: new and official software installed

  • Quick start: available directly from stock

Frequently asked questions about refurbished hardware

We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of refurbished hardware for your company or organisation. We have listed the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you.

What is refurbished hardware?

Refurbished hardware is used IT equipment. After a thorough quality inspection, we prepare the device for a second life.

What is the difference between pre-owned and refurbished hardware?

Used hardware is sold to the new owner in the same condition. It may be defective, contain outdated software or even data from the previous owner and offers no warranty. Refurbished hardware, on the other hand, is thoroughly checked and cleaned. At NEG, you also get a 24-month warranty. Refurbished hardware is therefore more reliable than second-hand.

Where are the devices coming from?

Our refurbished hardware comes primarily from the business market. This high-quality hardware comes for example from expired lease contracts, temporary rental contracts and from replacement projects at larger organizations.

Are the specifications good enough for my applications?

Much of our refurbished hardware comes from the business market and thus has high-quality specifications. You can run most office applications with it without any problems. Still in doubt? Then we always have a test sample available for you.

Is refurbished hardware reliable?

Yes, a thorough quality inspection ensures that the equipment is in top condition. We also offer a standard 24-month carry-in warranty on refurbished hardware. With 25 units or more, you even get a 48-month next-week-day on-site warranty.

Refurbished hardware in your sector?

Using refurbished hardware is interesting for several reasons. These may be different for each company, but also for each sector. For example, because you are looking for inexpensive IT equipment, or because you value sustainable business. With refurbished hardware, you can combine this in an efficient way.

Read more about our expertise and experience in different sectors:

About our warranty

All refurbished hardware comes with a standard warranty, which you can extend as desired.

Standard carry-in warranty: 24 months warranty on hardware, 12 months warranty on wear parts such as battery, keyboard, mouse and charger. With purchases of 25 units, you will receive our On-Site Workthrough Warranty at no charge.

On-Site Workthrough Warranty: 48 months next week day on-site warranty. So a defect will be fixed for you the next week day. This can be a repair or a replacement of the device.

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Rapid response to peaks and troughs in Endemol's workplace requirements

"Managing stock, unpacking, labeling, preparing and quickly installing on demand, NEG-ITSolutions does it all. We don't get to see a box, don't have to worry about it."

Edwin de Bie
Infrastucture Manager
Endemol Nederland Mediagroep

Fortes Lyceum

NEG helps you decide whether the investment is worth it and whether better/more sustainable options are available. New or refurbished. It’s not just the price; the service, reachability and goodwill factor are also reasons for choosing NEG. They always score very well in all these areas.

So we can definitely recommend NEG, as we can ask them anything.

Michael Ruitenbeek
IT coordinator
Fortes Lyceum

Parnassia Groep

We received the thin clients ready for use, with all the right settings, conveniently repackaged and coded. Even when circumstances meant Parnassia ordered late, the process was scaled up when necessary to speed things up and meet deadlines.

"I’ve been in the business for 20 years but never before have I come across such a level of flexibility.”

Lex de Groot
Technical Project Manager
Parnassia Groep