Save CO2 by turning in your old and surplus IT equipment

One of NEG's driving forces is sustainability. The responsible disposal and treatment of old IT equipment has a big part in this. Unfortunately, the seriousness of the situation is not yet recognised by everyone. A drastic change must take place in our society to achieve the climate goals set for 2050.

NEG-ITSolutions is your circular partner

NEG is fully certified to process your devices in an environmentally responsible and safe way. Using data wiping software Blancco, your devices are fully usable again after data wiping.

Use NEG's sustainability calculator to calculate how much CO2 you will save if you give your surplus IT equipment a second life via NEG.

So in addition to an interesting residual value, you also help save CO2 and raw materials.

1) Choose your product.

2) Determine the amount

3) Read off how much CO2 you save

CO2 emission

You avoided about this amount of CO₂ emissions.


Less KG CO2 emissions

Looking for the CO2 emissions of a specific piece of equipment?

Then you can visit the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) pages of the IT vendors.
To do so, click on the logo of the respective vendor.

Contact us for more information

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. You will get more insight into how NEG-ITSolutions can be of service to you and what the residual value of your old IT equipment is when you tell us which models are involved.

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