Device Lifecycle Management is easy with PLUTO

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Leave the Device Lifecycle Management process to NEG

Organisations spend a lot of time and money on inventory management, procurement, planning, issue, intake, maintenance and disposal of end user devices (laptops, smartphones and peripherals). And that is not even it. Your IT department might not even have time for really interesting work, because of all the stock control, pre-configuration, home delivery, communication with end users, administration and Joiners & Leavers control they have to do.

It is safe to say there is a lot of pressure on IT departments. Luckily, we can offer a solution to this problem with PLUTO. This intelligent DLM tool supports the complete lifecycle of end user devices.

Everything under control with PLUTO

PLUTO takes care of all the Device Lifecycle Management processes. A tool which optimises communication with end users using (among other things) automatic notifications, planning schedules, emails and interactive guides. The result is an effecient process.

Users can organise many matters for themselves in PLUTO, while the IT department remains in control, without having to deal with configuring or distributing any hardware themselves. Because all activities and documents are digitally recorded in PLUTO, you have a wealth of management information, which you can access anywhere and at any time. This makes device management very easy.

The benefits of PLUTO:

  • Complete self-service for end users
  • Minimum effort for the IT department
  • Maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Real-time insight into status and progress of operations
  • Everything is measurable, comprehensive reports
  • Exact registration of all steps in the process
  • Maximum end user satisfaction
    (customer journey is fully supported)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    do more with the same budget

PLUTO's best features:

  • Configured in comformity with certified Quality Management Procedures:
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 en NEN 7510
  • Web-based, accessible anywhere and at any time
  • QR code for easy access to self-service
  • Management portal for direct, clear insights and reports
  • Supports four languages: English, French, German and Dutch
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PLUTO Device Development ToolThe process

The entire lifecycle of end user devices can be divided into seven different steps. Here's how PLUTO makes Device Lifecycle Management easy again.

Inventory Device Development ToolInventory

PLUTO automatically sends a digital invitation to each of your end users. All users then go through a simple online process so an accurate inventory can be taken. Other data, such as location, branch, department or room number can also be included in the inventory.

Choice of Device Device Development ToolChoice of Device

After inventory, users receive an invitation via email for the replacement of their device. They can choose their device from a list of pre-selected devices and add accessories is necessary. It is also possible to confirm whether any old devices need to be handed in again.

The whole process of choosing a device has become fully automated, which means no superfluous, manual of error-prone actions.

Planning Device Development ToolPlanning

The users select the date, time and location at which the new device is to be delivered. Delivery can be at the office, but also at the end user's home.

Infinitely planning, emailing and calling is therefore in the past. This process will spare you a lot of time and will lead to a higher safisfactionrate among your end users.

Issuing and Collection Device Development ToolIssuing and Collection

Devices are assembled for each user and made ready for use beforehand. Users can start using them immediately upon receipt. Your IT personnel will not see any hardware coming by.

Furthermore, serial numbers and digitally signed lease agreements are always recorder in PLUTO. In case any devices are being handed in, we will provide you with 100% secure and certified data removal.

Digital Kiosk Device Development ToolDigital Kiosk

If any extra accessories such as a mouse or headset are necessary, this can also be arranged with PLUTO.

With their work email adress, users can always get access to PLUTO via AzureAD. In the selection portal, one can choose from the organisation's approved assortment of accessories. The user only has to indicate where the accessories of choice can be delivered.

Reporting Device Development ToolReporting

In PLUTO, you can consult information and make arrangements online at every stage of the process. All activities are logged digitally, so both during and after the work you have the exact information on how long the work will take, how appointments are going an how a roll-out is progressing.

With PLUTO, you can easily make adjustments on the work, budget more accurately for subsequent actions and you always have direct and accurate insight in all end user devices in your company.

Satisfaction Survey Device Development ToolSatisfaction Survey

At the end of the process, all users need to complete a satisfaction survey. They can share how they experienced PLUTO and give feedback.

The feedback that is generated by this survey is used to optimise the service to users. This completes the circle. In the next round of the process, the feedback and improvements made will help things run even more smoothly.

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  • Business
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