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"We'll do it..."

Every day, IT departments are busy making sure that their company's IT provision functions optimally. This is quite a challenge given the many and high demands placed on it by both the end user and the business.

That is why companies increasingly use IT suppliers (outsourcing) to manage the IT infrastructure together with them.

Providing end-user hardware and the associated services such as roll-out, installation, maintenance and the data-free disposal of old equipment is certainly not part of the IT department's daily work. Even the IT outsourcing partner often does not specialise in "deploying" end-user hardware.

Under the guise of "we'll do it…", (costly) IT staff start spending time on the many logistical operations for the roll-out and installation of new end-user hardware. As a result, there is less focus from IT on the actual tasks that support the business. The logistical work of deploying and planning for a rollout of new devices certainly does not fall under the competences of the IT department.

This inefficiency also causes: a lower service experience by end users, has a longer lead time and is accompanied by higher costs as the result of "we'll just do it...”.

It can also be done differently.

NEG-ITSolutions specialises in the deployment and supply of end-user hardware (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones) and all related IT logistics services. Including on-site installation, maintenance and also disposal and buyout of the old hardware with a corresponding data removal certificate. Specialist work supported by its in-house developed smart online software and more than 25 years of experience ensure that the work is carried out extremely efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.

Doing this kind of project properly is a profession in its own right and nobody "just does it". It requires specific knowledge of hardware delivery processes, installation challenges and the scheduling of sometimes thousands of end-user appointments to keep things on track. The in-house 'device lifecycle management' tooling developed by NEG to support this properly is indispensable and ensures a well-managed process and real-time insightful information for the customer on progress.

Because hardware roll-out and migration processes often involve a lot of money, the organisation's senior management is also involved in the decision. Unfortunately, the impact on the organisation's own IT staff, organisation and end users is often underestimated if this work is done in-house or left to an IT supplier that does not have this as a specialisation.

As Device as a Service or project?

NEG-ITSolutions provides its IT services and hardware on a project basis or via a monthly subscription through its 'Device as a Service' (DaaS) concept where both the hardware and all associated services are provided on a monthly basis per device.

The plumber is not a painter.

Specialisations are there for a reason, it says something about focus, experience, quality and efficiency. After all, you don't have your house painted by the plumber or your car fixed by the gardener.

Rolling out, deploying and managing end-user hardware is also a profession! For NEG, deploying, moving or migrating end-user hardware is its daily work. As a result, they do it faster, more efficiently and better than you can do it yourself, and at a lower cost too!

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Rapid response to peaks and troughs in Endemol's workplace requirements

"Managing stock, unpacking, labeling, preparing and quickly installing on demand, NEG-ITSolutions does it all. We don't get to see a box, don't have to worry about it."

Edwin de Bie
Infrastucture Manager
Endemol Nederland Mediagroep

Fortes Lyceum

NEG helps you decide whether the investment is worth it and whether better/more sustainable options are available. New or refurbished. It’s not just the price; the service, reachability and goodwill factor are also reasons for choosing NEG. They always score very well in all these areas.

So we can definitely recommend NEG, as we can ask them anything.

Michael Ruitenbeek
IT coordinator
Fortes Lyceum

Parnassia Groep

We received the thin clients ready for use, with all the right settings, conveniently repackaged and coded. Even when circumstances meant Parnassia ordered late, the process was scaled up when necessary to speed things up and meet deadlines.

"I’ve been in the business for 20 years but never before have I come across such a level of flexibility.”

Lex de Groot
Technical Project Manager
Parnassia Groep