6 reasons why you should opt for operational outsourcing of IT

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As an IT manager, your days are often well filled. Think of a few new employees who need a new device, jammed software and in between thinking about innovation. Find out how you can prioritise better by opting for operational outsourcing.

1. IT professionals are not logistics experts

On average, a business laptop lasts about three to four years, which means that as an IT professional, you are constantly working to keep providing everyone with a working device and supporting employees in the best possible way. On top of that, colleagues are likely to join and leave on a regular basis.

Chances are that the IT department is also deployed to rinse and deliver these devices. This is time-consuming and not part of the core task of the already scarce IT professional.

An IT partner like NEG-ITSolutions can take the entire deployment of devices off your hands. You won’t have to keep up with complicated schedules or lug around hardware anymore.

2. Innovation within the organisation

When your company is going through a period of innovation, this is an excellent reason to switch to operational unburdening. Consider, for example, replacing all laptops on a large scale. This is often far too big a job for the internal IT department.

The arrival of a new IT manager is also a good time to switch. Often the roll-out of workstations is left to the IT department because it has 'always been this way'. A new manager can break this pattern more easily. This move contributes directly to any efficiency goals.

3. Stock management is challenging

Due to the ongoing shortage of chips, delivery times for new devices have increased considerably. If you order now, it won't take two months to get the stuff, but over six. Not keeping adequate stock could mean disappointing employees later on.

Logistics IT partners have much better market visibility than individual companies. As a result, they often have larger stocks, allowing them to deliver faster. They can also provide you (temporarily) with sustainable refurbished devices. These are fully checked and approved.

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4. Improving continuity

If something goes wrong with an end user's hardware, you want it fixed quickly. When a device no longer functions properly, it is devastating for productivity. The employee can no longer meet deadlines and appointments with others are jeopardised.

This is only more likely to happen when you have outdated hardware with decreased performance and user convenience, higher fault sensitivity and longer resolution times.

Resolving hardware problems quickly takes too long, especially when you don't have the right capacity as an IT department. A logistical IT partner can respond quickly by providing a replacement device while the faulty one is being repaired. It can also provide you with newer hardware that is less likely to break down.

5. Installed base is not in order

Many IT managers eventually lose control over devices within the organisation. Especially when hundreds or thousands of devices are involved, it becomes difficult to keep track of when they need replacing and who owns them.

After all, a departing employee's manager may have put a laptop in a drawer, or a work tablet may have ended up in the hands of a son or daughter. Not knowing exactly where your devices are, poses a serious security risk.

Business-sensitive data can fall into the hands of third parties. Moreover, when devices are thought to be wrongly lost, your organisation throws away money unnecessarily when buying new ones. It is therefore smarter to outsource this to a partner.

6. Phasing out devices must be GDPR-proof

The end-of-life cycle of devices also involves a lot of work for the IT department. Devices must be completely wiped, no data should remain on them. This prevents sensitive data from ending up with the next employee when you reuse the device. After all, that violates privacy law GDPR.

A logistics IT partner like NEG-ITSolutions can help you with this by making your devices data-free using special software. It is also possible to have the hard disk destroyed. You will then receive a certificate as proof that the data has been removed.

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