IT services

IT services for the entire lifecycle of you end-user devices.

Cost-saving IT services for the delivery, installation, 100% safe disposal and processing of your IT equipment.

IT services to relieve you of all worries

NEG-IT-Solutions is the specialist for the entire lifecycle of end-user devices such as laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

  • Migrations, deployments, upgrades and relocations of end-user devices
  • 100% secure disposal of surplus IT equipment and destruction of data carriers
  • Purchase, rental, lease and Device as a Service (DaaS) of devices and accessories
  • Inflow and outflow management of employees
  • Delivery and warehousing of new and refurbished devices
  • Pre-configuration of laptops, pc's, smartphones and tablets
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IT advice and consultancy

  • Functional and technical design
  • Project management
  • Procurement advice
  • Workspace deployment and migration consulting
  • Device as a Service (DaaS)
  • (Mobile) Device Management
  • Cloud Workspace

Technology and configuration

  • Adding extra components
  • Software pre-installation (imaging)
  • Asset tagging (label)
  • Asset registration (for your CMDB)
  • DOA check
  • Adjust BIOS configuration
  • Battery charged and ready to go

Logistics and installation

  • Warehousing
  • Delivery in roll containers - Customized packaging
  • Issue hardware on site or room level
  • Placement of hardware at the workplace
  • Relocations
  • 100% secure data removal
  • Structured disposal of surplus IT equipment

Maintenance and support

  • Maintenance
  • Warranty and repair
  • Service desk
  • Service desk on-demand
  • On-Site Support
  • Mobile Device Management

IT-advies en consultancy

IT advice and consultancy

Our experienced consultants combine their knowledge of the market and processes with technical know-how and your input.

They do not only advise you on the smartest route for deployment and lifecycle management of your end-user devices. Of course, they also help you with preparation and implementation. That's their business! Advice and consultancy

Techniek en configuratie diensten

Technology and configuration

With proper preparation, your users can quickly get started with their new devices.

With our technology and configuration services, we not only take a lot of work off your hands, but also ensure that the rollout of your new hardware runs smoothly and accurately. Technology and configuration

Logistiek en installatie diensten

Logistics and installation

Rolling out, migrating or moving workstations such as laptops, PCs and accessories involves a lot of work that your department usually has to do on top of it.

For us, it's daily work. We know how to do it smartly.

We take care of hardware deliveries, migrations as well as workplace relocations. We deliver the new workplace equipment completely configured at the workplace or from a (temporary) point of distribution. We also take care of the cabling, docking stations and monitor arms. We dispose of your old workstations directly and safely for you.
Can it get any easier? Logistics and installation

Onderhoud en IT-Support diensten

IT maintenance and IT support

Whatever happens, the productivity and satisfaction of your users is paramount. In the event of a disruption to the workplace hardware, we ensure that your users can get back to work quickly.

Our professional Service Desk is the IT point of contact for your users and administrators. Maintenance and support

Een selectie van onze klanten

Rapid response to peaks and troughs in Endemol's workplace requirements

"Managing stock, unpacking, labeling, preparing and quickly installing on demand, NEG-ITSolutions does it all. We don't get to see a box, don't have to worry about it."

Edwin de Bie
Infrastucture Manager
Endemol Nederland Mediagroep

Fortes Lyceum

NEG helps you decide whether the investment is worth it and whether better/more sustainable options are available. New or refurbished. It’s not just the price; the service, reachability and goodwill factor are also reasons for choosing NEG. They always score very well in all these areas.

So we can definitely recommend NEG, as we can ask them anything.

Michael Ruitenbeek
IT coordinator
Fortes Lyceum

Parnassia Groep

We received the thin clients ready for use, with all the right settings, conveniently repackaged and coded. Even when circumstances meant Parnassia ordered late, the process was scaled up when necessary to speed things up and meet deadlines.

"I’ve been in the business for 20 years but never before have I come across such a level of flexibility.”

Lex de Groot
Technical Project Manager
Parnassia Groep